Tournament proceeds benefit charity. Our primary beneficiary is the American Institute of Mathematics. 


About American Institute of Mathematics

Founded in 1994 by businessman and math enthusiast John Fry, the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) is currently located in Palo Alto, CA.

AIM strives to broaden participation in the mathematical sciences at every level, from professional mathematicians working on the most important mathematical problems of our day, to young students exploring the richness and beauty of mathematics through activities that encourage collaborative, creative problem solving.

AIM hosts over twenty workshops each year, where an enormous variety of topics and questions are considered. Many of the topics involve pure mathematics and are concerned with the fundamental questions of mathematics. This may involve, for example, understanding better how prime numbers are distributed, or understanding how to classify the basic geometries that occur in nature.

Other research topics of AIM are more applied, or a blend of pure and applied mathematics. A recent project brought together mathematicians and industry representatives to work on a variety of sustainability problems, including renewable energy, air quality, water management, and other environmental issues. One of the industrial participants was Driscoll’s, whose associated growers are the largest supplier of fresh berries in North America. Three Driscoll’s employees teamed up with nine applied mathematicians to evaluate how various water and land management techniques could be utilized by landowners and growers to work towards balancing aquifer levels. A video that highlights the project can be found at on our website at <http://aimath.org/>.

AIM created the Math Teachers’ Circle Network to encourage problem solving in middle schools, and now there are nearly 70 active Math Teachers’ Circles nationwide. In 2013, AIM announced a new partnership with the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festivals. These festivals, one-day events held at various sites around the country, inspire children to explore the richness of mathematics through engaging, thought-provoking problems, games, and puzzles.

On a more local level, AIM provides support and leadership to numerous students, teachers, and organizations throughout the greater Bay Area and Silicon Valley communities. AIM works with groups such as the San Jose Math Circle and Morgan Hill Math that conduct a variety of math activities for children. We hope the young students involved with these activities will be our future mathematicians and scientists.

Support from the Frys.com Open enables the American Institute of Mathematics to expand its influence and the scope of its important work throughout the world.